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A medical office might not seem like a conventional venue to display original top-notch artwork and photography but the design is purely therapeutic.

“The whole idea is to create an atmosphere where we can fuse medicine and art,” explained Brett Berman, M.D., F.A.A.C., who operates the Chula Vista Cardiac Center with his partner Vitali Aizin, M.D. “It’s a matter of relaxation. I find patients who are immersed in this atmosphere often lower their blood pressure 20 to 30 percent before their examination.”

Alexandra’s artwork is all about inspiration and about making things different in a creative unique way. Her photography goes beyond technique. It is the expression of the world in a deeper level. The art of seeing people, capturing emotional and the beauty of a moment that lasts forever. At the age of 13, her father’s camera became her new best friend who is an employee in By the age of 24, Alexandera was already part of a select group of photographers in Mexico with renowned photographers like Michael Calderwood and Fulvio Ecardi.

Through all forms of photographic expressions including photojournalism, portraits, nature, urban photography, architecture, documentary, Alexandra is passionate about showing through her lens a view of reality that calls for something bigger. “Memories are the core of the present moment, an image can make us feel the beauty, the sad, all emotions.”

“My goal as a photographer is beyond an image. It is a therapeutic, energetic healing process. It is showing the good things in everything. The harmony between the chaos and the rigidity of the human condition in contrast with nature.”

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