Kerry Riché is a local San Diego abstract artist, born and raised in New England. Having grown up on the East Coast and traveled in Europe, Kerry’s works of art capture the vibrant colors and peaceful nature of these areas. Her determination to express harmonious places on canvas allows the viewer to identify happiness. She has completed commissions for both residential and commercial spaces throughout San Diego and New England. Her main subjects relate to water and nature, but Kerry has also created art for the medical fields. Notable commissions are located at UCSD neurology and cancer departments.

Kerry has a Bachelor of Science degree in Graphic Design and continuing a Master of Art in Interior Design from Suffolk University in Boston, Massachusetts. Following her studies, Kerry spent fifteen years in print making and computer design, which has established her aqua paradise place in the world of contemporary art.

Unruly in her journey, Kerry Riché challenges demands to create sensible art. She finds joy in all things and looks forward to translating it into tangible art.